The world is changing every day and with the continuous advent of technology to facilitate routine life, it is no surprise that we can perform most of our daily tasks from the comforts of our own homes. Online shopping and payment methods have become extremely popular these days and for good reasons- it works remotely, gives better accessibility, and seems to be a safer option, especially for larger monetary transfers.

Unfortunately, the cyber sphere is not as secure as previously thought, with hackers snooping around to steal sensitive information such as credit card information and banking account credentials. If a third party were to get access to this personal data of yours, they have the potential to cause you significant financial harm. That is why it is important to safeguard your online transaction activity.

One of the most effective ways of making your online transactions significantly safer is by investing in a sound antivirus program like McAfee Antivirus. But how exactly can Antivirus secure your online transfers? Let’s take a look:


The Safe Connect VPN or Virtual Private Network masks your identity by hiding your IP address and encrypts your data stream, meaning all of your online banking activity and transactions are protected from prying eyes. This is particularly useful for when you are using a new or public internet or WiFi connection as those make you the most susceptible to hacking attempts.

ROBUST FIREWALL Antivirus’ strong firewall denies access to your device and its details to any unauthorized third parties that may be trying to find a way in. In this way, a robust firewall keeps your data safe and secure within your cyber bubble.

PASSWORD MANAGER Antivirus also equips your system with a password manager that creates extremely strong passwords for your accounts and secures them behind an impenetrable wall of multi factor authentication, ensuring that your online banking accounts are secured through encryption.


Most of the attempts at stealing financial information arise from the mailbox through phishing attempts. has a very strong filter system that eliminates spam and phishing emails, thus reducing the chances of your exposure to such suspicious content.

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