A good antivirus program is critical to ensuring your cyber security. But how can you decide which one is the best? To help you make the decision, here is a systematic comparison between two of the biggest antivirus products in the market: Norton vs. McAfee.

Antivirus Features

With Antivirus, you get a robust firewall, encrypted storage and backup, a password manager, a secure VPN, identity theft protection, as well as additional features such as SafeCam. Norton also provides you with an impenetrable firewall, safe web browsing, identity theft protection, password manager, VPN, as well as tools to optimize PC performance.

System Impact

Ideally, you will want a program that has little to no impact on your PC performance. Based on benchmark tests, it has been proven that is better in regards to having little system impact, although Norton trails behind only by a sliver.

Installation Process

When it comes to signing up to the antivirus product and installing it onto the system, both the programs do very well to make the process as easy and convenient as possible. Antivirus can be downloaded after redeeming the activation code. The code can be entered at this website: after logging into your account. The process is pretty much the same for Norton as well although the latter tends to hoard you with additional product offers.

User Interface

Both Norton and McAfee go above and beyond to make the user interface for their application as streamlined and easy to use as possible. The interface for Norton is divided into different blocks, categorizing the main settings to make them more accessible. On the other hand, opts for a cleaner and simplistic outlook with a monochrome color scheme and an intuitive dashboard with individual links and menus. The one aspect where Norton is let down is that it sends constant notifications which can be annoying for some.


Norton packages tend to be pricier than Antivirus.

Customer Support

When it is often overlooked, customer support is a critical part of the overall experience you have with any antivirus programs. Where Norton offers 24/7 support, live chat, as well as an online community, takes a more technological approach by allowing you to navigate and narrow down your issues using the website. You can also contact them through an online chat session or look for solutions in the online forum.

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