McAfee data protection & encryption

Considering just how much of our personal information we save, store, and share on digital platforms and devices, it is no surprise that they have become the number one target of data criminals. Whether you are a single individual or a large enterprise, data loss or damage can have debilitating consequences in the short and long term. So how exactly can you mitigate these dangers and ensure that you never have to suffer through the negative effects of data theft?

Data protection with McAfee

McAfee is one of the world’s leading names when it comes to computer protection and data safety. They address the latest concerns in the cyber sphere as effectively as possible which is why we encourage you to invest in one of the many Data Loss Prevention (DLP) products that presents at your disposal. has crafted a number of DLP tools that are able to integrate with all sorts of devices including PCs as well as mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In fact, you can even connect multiple different kinds of devices using the same product and implementing a consistent level of data security across the board. This makes the perfect choice for businesses and corporations where extensive protection is required to prevent any and all kinds of data loss.

Not only does implement a host of protective features to keep intruders out of your network, but it also provides end to end encryption services to completely sheath your data streams and block out prying eyes and hands.


How can you equip your system with McAfee data protection and encryption?

To make sure that your personal data is safe and secure from any and all kinds of threats and damage, all you need to do is perform activation to equip your system with a host of protective tools. Here is a little guide to help you download and activate Data Protection on your PC:

  • The first thing you must do is purchase a subscription to one of the data protection packages at
  • Next, launch your browser.
  • Go to
  • Here, enter the 25 digit activation code to redeem your product.
  • Login using your account credentials.
  • Download and Run the installer file.
  • Follow the subsequent instruction to finish the activation process.