McAfee Intelligent Security Operations

McAfee Intelligent Security Products

McAfee is known as one of the leading security solutions providers in the industry thanks to its innovative and modern products that capitalize on evolving techniques and technology. Following are some of the products that McAfee has introduced under their Intelligent Security Operations category:

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

The Advanced Threat Defense product by has been designed to better address more complex, contemporary threats and defend your system against innovative hackers using advanced tools and technology. In this way, the program helps you detect zero day vulnerabilities as early as possible and deploy the most effective response against potential attacks.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

The Enterprise Security Manager product is made to integrate with your existing system architecture and employ the use of intelligent tools to aid the security information and event management process.


MVISION EDR is a widely acclaimed McAfee product, especially when it comes to security analysts. This tool will be the best friend of the analysts in your team as it facilitates their work by allowing them to detect threats early, monitor operations at all instances, conduct detailed threat analysis, gain a better understanding of different kinds of security alerts, as well streamline their threat response and management strategy to make it more efficient.

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange

The purpose of using a solution like Threat Intelligence Exchange is to improve the ability of your organization to detect and deal with all kinds of digital threats and attacks. With the help of this solution, you can detect weaknesses in your system early and produce a robust response that not only contains the threat but also eliminates it in half the time it used to take your security system.

Downloading McAfee Products

Investing in McAfee Intelligent security products for the safety of your data and business network is a highly encouraged decision from our end. To download and activate products, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions:

  • Browse through the selection of intelligent security products at and purchase a subscription.
  • Launch your browser and go to
  • Enter your unique 25 digit alphanumeric product key in the given space.
  • Log into your account using your credentials.
  • Click on the Download button to avail your product, activate it, and start implementing it across your network.