McAfee Pervasive Data Protection

Big data is no longer just a buzzword in the tech industry. It has become a proper phenomenon that has inserted itself into almost every niche, including businesses and enterprises. With so many companies deriving value from oodles of data, it has become arguably the greatest asset you can capitalize on to further your business.

Do you know where all of your data is?

While you may be using a lot of data in your day to day operations, are you certain that you know where all of it really is? Most businesses in the modern day are utilizing some form of complete or hybrid cloud solutions for their data streams. On the one hand using a third party service for your cloud needs offers a lot of advantages. But on the other one, it also puts you at risk of displaced data that falls external to the protective network you build for your sensitive data.

How do you protect something that is out of your sight?

These chunks of data are spread out far and away from your primary system and considering that they are not immediately visible to you, may be ignored and left unprotected. So how exactly do you ensure that this sensitive information does not leak out or become a point of vulnerability for your entire system?

Why opt for McAfee’s data protection solutions?

Fortunately, McAfee is on your side. Considered among the leading and most reliable security providers in the digitized industry of today, offers a host of solutions that are able to provide adequate protection against all kinds of threats for such pervasive data, securing the cloud and giving you a much greater degree of control on what is yours but is simply displaced. solutions have mastered the following aspects of recovery and protection of such pervasive data which makes them the ideal choice for businesses like yours:

Locating Critical Data

To begin with, products enable you to pinpoint the location of your lost data and give you an idea of its displacement.

Monitoring Critical Data

You can use these tools to monitor the data stream and determine what checkpoints it passes through to reach its final destination.

Controlling Critical Data gives you access to cloud management controls in order to make the implementation of your security policy more consistent.

Protecting Critical Data

Ultimately, security products offer the next level of enterprise grade protection for aloof your data, visible or pervasive.