McAfee Security Analytics

McAfee Antivirus is undoubtedly a tried and tested name when it comes to anti malware software for individual PCs as well as large networks. But this is not the only area where can lend you its services. boasts a whole collection of tools and software that can be used to perform security analytics and make your network system even more secure than it already is. In fact, a security analytics product might be just what you need to cover all bases for the sake of the integrity of your system.

Following are some of the analytics products that are available at By purchasing, downloading, and activating any one of them, you equip your network with a high quality, robust, and advanced security solution that will give you more insight on what threats your workloads may be exposed to on the digital sphere.

McAfee Active Response Active Response is designed especially for endpoints, enabling you to detect and almost immediately respond to any and all vulnerabilities and threats, no matter how complex or advanced. You can plan and strategize preemptively so that you are always prepared whenever a problem arises instead of playing catch up and risking the integrity of your system. allows you to distribute your resources accordingly so the most critical threats can be addressed as quickly as possible to limit data loss and network disruption.

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

The Advanced Threat Defense by has been introduced to enable you to find and nip hidden threats before they can become a big enough danger to your network. This platform gives you access to tools using which you can conduct complex code and dynamic analysis, leveraging the functionality of machine learning to make malware detection and removal a breeze.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

The Security Manager product by is nothing short of a gift for enterprise owners who want to employ the use of a security management tool that is quick, intuitive, and produces effective responses against arising threats and vulnerabilities.


McAfee MVISION Endpoint Detection and Response takes security analytics to the next level by aiding your team of analysts in detecting, identifying, investigating, and responding effectively to threats of varying natures.