McAfee Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

If you are one of the thousands of companies that is using digital and online solutions for your data, then you need to be aware of the dangers of the cyber world as well. You must ensure that your network is protected at all times from prying eyes and hands, intruders that only need a small window of opportunity to hack into your system, break down the barriers, and wreak havoc to the point that it may become irredeemable.

A robust security management strategy that is equally well executed is essential to ensuring that all potential threats are identified and dealt with in time. Among the most widely implemented solutions in this regard is the McAfee Security Information and Event Management product line.

McAfee SIEM Solutions and Products

McAfee brings a set of products that combine the security information management and security event management aspects of your defense system to make the process as integrated, seamless, and rapid as possible. The collective approach to your security system makes it stronger and more effective, allowing you to manage multiple factors at the same time through a singular, all encompassing platform that enables you to perform real time monitoring, assessment, and analysis for quick threat detection, containment, and elimination.

Visibility Through All Security Processes SIEM products give you actionable insight into almost all aspects of your security processes, allowing you perform real time monitoring on all of your networks, applications, hardware, and databases so you can detect unusual activity and threats instantaneously.

Threat Intelligence in Day to Day Activities

SIEM products by make your threat detection and response systems even more intelligent and streamlined than they already are. Using these advanced security solutions, you can look at the bigger picture and detect patterns to determine the potential of larger, more urgent threats that must be addressed immediately to prevent data loss or damage.

Through One Platform SIEM products give you access to a comprehensive architecture that contains the controls to all of your smaller tools and trinkets that make up your collective security network. The cohesive interface is intuitive and simplistic despite the complexity of the function it serves, allowing you to access everything at your fingertips so you can monitor consistently and respond quickly to threats as soon as they are identified. The entire framework is also compliance friendly.