McAfee Security Management

Ensuring data and network security might just be the most important aspect of your digital strategy as a business or enterprise operating in the contemporary industry. With the rates of cyber crime consistently on the rise, it is now more important than ever to put in place an effective and reliable security plan that spans your entire network, covers all the endpoints, and is able to account for any and all kinds of digital attacks.

Managing enterprise level security systems with McAfee

To ensure that every aspect of your security response is operating optimally, you need to invest in a security management solution that will simplify operations, make them more visible, and allow you to conduct all relevant activity through one unified platform.

Taking the above criteria into consideration, McAfee fits the description perfectly. is best known for its antivirus and antimalware products that offer protection on an individual level, but they also offer enterprise grade solutions in the form of advanced security management products that integrate with your company architecture and strengthen your risk identification and response capabilities.


McAfee Security Management Products offers a number of security management products that make your security system even stronger and visible than it already is. Following are some of the security management programs that you can activate and implement on your network to avail the benefits right away:

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

The ePolicy Orchestrator by is designed to handle all aspects of your security system, bringing the endpoints, data, and network security to a single management system. This unification makes the security management process much more efficient and streamlined, allowing you to deal with threats with a better approach.

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange

The Threat Intelligence Exchange platform integrates with the Data Exchange Layer and lends you the capacity to contain threats almost as soon as you encounter them, bringing down the vulnerability period from days and weeks to just a few milliseconds.


The MIVISION ePO system by is an architecture that essentially brings all of the individual components of your security strategy together on a centralized platform, giving you access to the controls of each component including Microsoft Defender and other McAfee security products.