McAfee Server Security


McAfee offers a host of tools and programs that can help you establish and implement a robust security strategy for your servers and virtual networks. Following are some of the main features of these products that make them something of a standard in the industry:

McAfee Application and Change Control

The Application and Change Control feature of server security products ensures that only authorized personnel on your staff is able to access and make any changes to the controls and settings of your critical system devices, endpoints, servers, and applications. This automated tool detects centralized changes and blocks unauthorized usage or execution of suspicious files, enabling you to deal with advanced threats in a more efficient manner.

McAfee Cloud Workload Security Cloud Workload Security is ideal for hybrid cloud based environments where this program serves to protect your workloads from numerous types of advanced threats and attacks through effective containment, whitelisting, and monitoring strategies. Visualization of risks prior to experiencing the attack also helps in preserving the integrity of the cloud network.

McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Server

The Host Intrusion Prevention for Servers ensures that your servers are always up and running without any downtime by protecting you from zero day vulnerabilities and allowing you to customize your security strategy and its execution so that it fits your system like a glove.

McAfee Server Security Products

Following are some of the products offered by under their server security portfolio. These products are designed to provide comprehensive security to your virtual storage environments and workloads, while also allowing you to identify threats, eliminate zero day vulnerabilities, and contain attacks.

McAfee MOVE Antivirus MOVE Antivirus program is a solution compatible with virtual desktops, environments, and servers. It serves to provide an all encompassing solution to all of your server security concerns that can be managed using a single console. The program scales to the size of your operations and introduces an element of visibility into the process.

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage VirusScan is an enterprise level tool that is designed specifically to provide optimized security for storage environments. The platform uses a combination of advanced McAfee tools but enables you to control all of its actions through one comprehensive console. A single subscription can be used to equip a number of different network storage systems and devices at a time.