McAfee Web Security

Apart from ensuring on premises protection, safeguarding your network by securing the web is another aspect that must be given due attention to. McAfee Web Security products deal with this very issue by employing the use of advanced and innovative techniques that are able to successfully curb contemporary digital and online threats.

Remote Browser Isolation with Light Point Security

The MVISION Unified Cloud Edge solution by is designed to address the security concerns that you may have associated with your web browser. Typical browsers used for running basic searches and accessing various social media accounts are one of the primary and most easy to successfully attain targets of hackers and intruders.

Light Point Security and have collaborated to deal with this issue by introducing remote browser isolation, employing the use of advanced tools and techniques to keep your browser far and away from any and all kinds of malware. Your browser is essentially placed in a virtual, remote bubble outside of your network to protect it from the likes of zero day threats and other vulnerabilities. Light Point Security maintains a precarious balance between optimum level security and high grade performance that you have come to associate with McAfee products.

McAfee’s Web Security Products

Following are some of the Web Security products that are offered by McAfee for companies and enterprises of all sizes:

McAfee MVISION Unified Cloud Edge

Unified Cloud Edge is one of the latest and most advanced efforts of in regards to safeguarding your data from threats that are persistently found over the web and in the cloud. It executes a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture which can be used to safely access the internet as well as the cloud using any device in your system.

McAfee Web Gateway

Web Gateway is a product that does exactly what it promises: secures your web gateway and ensures that you are not exposed to any threats or malware when browsing the internet through your framework.

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service

The Gateway Cloud Service takes the protection services over to the cloud, keeping you safe from any and all kinds of online threats.

McAfee Web Protection Web Protection serves to deliver SaaS based web security through the cloud in combination with on premises web gateway protection.